The purpose of this group is to bring together mental health professionals who have a passion to work in at least one aspect of Gender, Sexuality, and Relationship Diversity. We each have our own unique perspectives to share and to learn from each other!

Our official social events take place in San Diego, CA. However, our group is expanding to include mental health professionals throughout California since the broader acceptance of telehealth and the ability to cross-refer to each other throughout the state. We also welcome colleagues from other states who want to stay in touch with us, as well as those from adjacent and complementary professions.

About our membership:

There are two components to the San Diego GSRD-Affirming Therapist Forum: the e-mail mailing list and our Facebook page.

  • The e-mail list is used to announce invitations to social events and gatherings, and occasionally to announce member information (such as research participation requests, rental space, etc.).

  • The Facebook group is complementary and secondary to the e-mail list. It was created as a casual way for members to stay in touch, collaborate, ask for client referral requests, and to let each other know what projects we are working on.

Because the e-mail list is the primary method of communication, all GSRD members must be part of the e-mail list before they can be added to the Facebook group.

Currently there are no membership dues. This is all run by volunteers and by the generous sponsorship by Affirming Therapy Center in San Diego, CA.

Note: We expect professional behaviors from our members and do not tolerate bullying (online or otherwise) or any other pot-stirring behaviors. Any violators of this will be banned.

How to join the group:

The easiest way to join our group is to go to our Facebook page:

Fill out the membership questions and be sure to include your email address. When we receive this information, we’ll add it to our mailing list and approve your membership on the Facebook page. You can opt out at any time; just remember that by opting out of the mailing list you will automatically be removed from the Facebook page.

If you are not on Facebook or don’t want to join our page, then send us an e-mail requesting to be added to our mailing list.


Be sure to state your name, and let us know a little bit about yourself including whether you reside in San Diego or the state of CA, what your profession is, and how you found out about us.

We look forward to new and continued collaboration.